Straightforward Solutions In pregnancy week by week Described

Monitoring Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Few have not heard the old adage that when you are pregnant you are ‘eating for two’ so go ahead and enjoy all the goodies that you want. The truth is that you are eating for two, but that does not mean that you should eat twice as much as you normally would. Believe it or not the average healthy woman only needs to add an additional 300 calories to her daily intake to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to grow a healthy foetus.sarcina pe saptamani

Straightforward Solutions In pregnancy week by week Described dans sarcina pe saptamani pregnancy-signs

One of the big questions that comes up about this time is how to know when you are really in labour. Some women aren’t really sure what is going on until their water ends up breaking. Doctors aren’t totally sure what causes labour to stop, although some oxytocin from the brain starts the contractions, they aren’t sure why it happens.

All pregnancies are measured in trimesters which make up forty weeks. There are three trimesters and each one is an enormous milestone to reach. You will be amazed how much your baby will go through and the changes that occur. In the first few weeks, your baby begins to develop and you will realise that you are pregnant. You may experience morning sickness and this can affect how you feel for the whole day. Your baby is extremely small but, by week seven, he has doubled in size. All of the significant developments take place in the weeks leading up to week twelve.

In week 9, webbed fingers appear, and bones start to grow. The intestines are developing and the baby’s body is making room for them. By week 10, most of the joints are already made, and then movement should be felt in just a short while if not already. Rapid growth is happening now, and your baby is called a foetus.

Trimester two lasts from fifteen weeks until twenty-six weeks. During this trimester the baby will continue to develop and grow. By one hundred and two days the hair pattern of the baby will be defined and the baby will be able to turn its head, open its mouth, press its lips together and also kick. By week sixteen the baby will be growing in strength and the toenails will be growing. During week seventeen the baby will be developing more reflexes, swallowing and sucking. The creamy substance that covers the baby will start to develop during week nineteen. This fluid protects the baby and its glands and sensory cells, which are still developing. By week twenty most of the main developments have taken place and the danger stage has now passed. From this time the baby will be sleeping and wakening just like a newborn baby will do.

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